Which Bollywood celebrities donated the amount to the PM relief fund full details

In this article, you will know the amount of donations from the biggest Bollywood celebrities to the PM relief fund and you will know the names of the Bollywood celebrities who have helped the government in this situation.


In this article, we also share the amount donated by Indian Bollywood Superstars who donate money to people who are still hungry due to 21 days of foreclosure.

This is the most important step given by Bollywood celebrities, and they do a great job. Some stars still don’t donate, but hope they will and help people


Bollywood Celebrities Donate Amount To PM Relief Fund?


Many Bollywood celebrities donate the large sum of money to pm relief fund for the poor in India who lost their jobs due to 21 day foreclosure in India so they cannot work and that they are completely locked away at home.

It is the government’s responsibility to survive him and provide him with food for his children, which is why PM Narendra Modi is asking Bollywood celebrities to donate for those you cannot make money for.


Which Bollywood celebrities have donated an amount to the PM Relief Fund?

There are so many Bollywood celebrities giving huge donations. Yet according to the source we know some names of those celebrities who contribute an amount for Indians, these celebrity names will be given below.


  • Akshay Kumar
  • Kapil sharma
  • Rajinikanth
  • Varun Dhawan
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Guru Randhawa
  • Kumar Sanu


How Much Money Did Bollywood Celebrities Give?

The complete information about these Bollywood celebrities and the donation amount on PM Relief Fund will be given to you in the following paragraph in the form of a table so that you can read and share with other people.






Akshay Kumar – 25 crores (Indian rupees)

Kapil sharma – 5 million (Indian rupees)

Rajinikanth – 5 million (Indian rupees)

varun dhawan – 3 million (Indian rupees)

Hrithik Roshan – 2 million (Indian rupees)

Guru Randhawa – 2 million (Indian rupees)

kumar sanu – 1 million (Indian rupees)


So these are the best celebrities in Bollywood who give money to Indians in difficulty, they are the most beautiful celebrities in India.


Mostly, Akshay Kumar, he donates 25 crore, whenever Akshay Kumar comes first to help his country. We have seen Akshay Kumar helping people so many times.




The post we share about Bollywood Celebrities is donating the amount to the PM Relief Fund because people know our Bollywood industry will help people and him always with us in hard times so be safe at home in these difficult times.

So here is the post on Bollywood Celebrities Donate Amount In PM Relief Fund, hope you like our post, share on Facebook if you like our post and freely ask any questions in your mind in the comment section.



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