Top 5 Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch

Get out

Get out is a American Horror movie directed and Written by Jordan Peele. This film release 23 january 2017 in sandance and 24 february 2017 in united States.

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is the satirical horror a mash-up of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, a black photographer who travels to an affluent suburb together with his white girlfriend, Rose to satisfy her family. Before they leave, he learn she hasn’t told them he’s black, and he’s a bit nervous — and so are we, given that the movie open with a youngs black man getting snatched. 

Directed and written by:- Jordan Peele

Produced by :- Jason Blum, Jordan Peele, Sean McKittrick, Edward H. Hamm Jr.

Release date :-23 January 2017 (Sundance),  February 2017 (United States)

Film budget :- $4.5 million

Box- office :- $ 255.4 million.


US (2019)

 The Project was first Announced In February 2018, and much of the cast joined that summerish. People produced the film alongside josan blum and sean McKittrick as well as lan cooper Filmize took place from July to October 2018 in California. 

Us had its world premier at South by Southwest on 8 March 2019 and United States released in 22 march 2019 by universal Pictures. The film has grossed over $151 million worldwide and receive praise from critics for peele’s screenplay and direction as well as for the musical score and acting.

Written and Directed by :- Jordan Peele     Produced by :-   Jordan Peele, Sean McKittrick, Ian Cooper, Jason Blum.

Release date :- March 22, 2019 ( united States)

Film budget :- $20 million

Box-office :- $255.2 million


The Shining (1980)

The Shining 1980 is Psychical Horror film directed and produce by Stanley Kubrick.“The Shining” is a novel that has the potential to frighten its readers. The story of this book is not so violent, but there are many jump-scares that are intimidating and disturbing, many of which can be very terrible for new readers. Its story is related to the themes of Demonic Possession and the entire story has an uncertain atmosphere.

The book begins with the “Torrance family” starring Jack, Wendy and their five-year-old son Danny. Jack is talented but not as successful as a writer. His drinking habits and angry temper snatched away his job from him and put an end to his ability to earn a living. He gets his last chance, through an old friend’s office, to work as a caretaker at the “Outlook Hotel”

Directed and Produce by :– Stanley Kubrick

Release date :- 23 may 1980 ( United States), 2 October 1980 (United Kingdom). 

Film budget :- $19 million

Box-office :- $47 million


Pet Sematary (2019)

 Pet Sematary 2019 is Horror Film Directed by Kevin KölschKölsch and Dennis Widmyer.

The filmmakers have made major changes in the story of this film inspired by the novel, which is an interesting part of the film. The film is brand new and fresh, but retains the essence of the novel,” Widmeyer said in a statement.

Directed by :- Dennis Widmyer ,Kevin Kölsch

Produced by :-  Steven Schneider, mark Vahradian , Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Release date:-   5 April 2019 (United States) , 16 March 2019 (SXSW).

Film Budget :- $21 million

Box-office :- $113.1 million.


Drag me to hell (2009)

Drag me to hell 2009 is American Horror film directed and co-written by Sam Raimi.

“Drag Me to Hell” is a startling horror movie. After scaling the heights with “A Simple Plan” and drone a home run with the “Spider-Man” franchise, it’s like Sam Raimi is taking some personal time and returning to his hobby.

He is Largehearted assisted by his star, Alison Lohman. Horror movies with nasty old men can be , but for the mainline product there’s nothing like a sweet and vulnerable girl. I suspect they practice abstinence.

Directed by :- Sam Raimi

Written by :-Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi.

Produced by :- Grant Curtis, Robert Tapert

Release date :-29 May 2009 (United States), 15 March 2009 (SXSW).

Film Budget :- $30 million

Box-office :- $90.8 million

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