10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

We’ve brought the astute movies you need to look for this rundown, bringing up works with complex stories that consistently request more consideration from your watcher. the following are films that subvert the order for their plot, question the meaning of presence, work on the part of time in our lives, bring unexpected developments, etc.


The Truman Show (1998)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

Enveloped by a routine schedule of unyielding habits, a man, by simple figure of possibility, winds up understanding that his entire life had been a major falsehood and his everyday life was really customized and constrained by a sort of TV show. Presently it’s dependent upon him to pursue all reality behind this story.

‘The Truman Show’ is distinctive in its story circular segment, promoting circumstances of the most assorted, inciting a feeling of reassessment of life by the individuals who watch the film.

Directed by : Peter Weir

IMDb Rating : 8.1/10


The Gift (2015)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

In the plot, a couple gets an unforeseen visit from a man who had been companions with one of them for quite a while. Nonetheless, the strange man starts, gradually, to trouble the couple, questioning their inspirations before them. ‘The Gift’ utilizes a couple of situations to govern the occasions of its set of experiences.

Here, everything is directed under a temperament of secret that is kept up until the last moment of the movie, letting the watcher to plan speculations about what is on screen.

Directed by : Joel Edgerton

IMDb Rating : 7/10


Memento (2000)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

After his wife is fiercely killed and he is beaten by a lawbreaker, a man, presently with issues in his short memory, decides to set out on a dangerous excursion behind him. ‘Memento’ is austere in its conception of plot, undermining the ways trampled by the characters, working with hard philosophical ideas, similar to the one of ‘eternal return’, bringing about a film that stays in the top of the onlooker even after its end.

Directed by : Christopher Nolan

IMDb Rating : 8.4/10


The Sixth Sense (1999)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

A psychotherapist attempts to help a little boy who professes to see spirits, beginning an journey full with secrets behind answers. Carectrising itself as one of the movies with probably the best touch of the seventh art, ‘The Sixth Sense’ is one of those top quality suspensions. A film that alarms with not many subtleties, in a drawing in and consistently lovely story.

Directed by : M. Night Shyamalan

IMDb Rating : 8.1/10


Psycho (1960)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

After stealing a huge measure of the spot wherein works, a young lady initiates a car trip by the country. Amidst this excursion, the young lady chooses to stop to rest in a lodging by the side of the road, not realizing that this would be a mortal spot. Alfred Hitchcock’s magnum opus, ‘Psycho’ is a work that directed the ways of the loathsomeness and tension kinds in the next many years, raising a challenging story, feeding quite possibly the most amazing finals of film.

Directed by : Alfred Hitchcock

IMDb Rating : 8.5/10


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Zodiac (2007)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

A serial murderer threatened the United States in the lat of the 1960s and early 1970s, leaving specialists and the populace in complete condition of paranoia. The plot acquires its substance when the criminal decides to impart through codes with a newspaper, stimulating the interest of a reporter of the spot.

Based on the a genuine occasion, ‘Zodiac’ is a film that shudders by the thickness of the story introduced. A canny anticipation that can cause the most assorted feelings in the watcher without making the prosaisms carecterstics for the genre.

Directed by : David Fincher

IMDb Rating : 7.7/10


Double Indemnity (1944)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

In the plot, a person who works for a insurance agency fall in love with a lady who convinces him to defraud his work. Notwithstanding, after the crime, he will understand that his choice was not the right one, battling a shrewd examiner not to get captured. Greatest Noir film ever, ‘Twofold Indemnity’ is a film class of the virtuoso Billy Wilder.

Investigating a subtlety saturated plot, the film manages out how to be dynamic while it unwinds each wander of its central characters, giving the watcher with a unique encounter.

Directed by : Billy Wilder

IMDb Rating : 8.3/10


Run Lola Run (1998)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

After her boyfriend engages in an unsavory situation, a young lady requires few moments to get a specific measure of cash and save the boy. Partitioned into varieties of anecdotes about a similar topic, ‘Run Lola Run’ has an unmatched dynamism to oversee its plot, achieving in just 81 minutes to assemble a remarkable film.

Directed by : Tom Tykwer

IMDb Rating : 7.7/10


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

The film finds a way into the complexities of humanity’s advancement, protecting various times of our set of history and building future occasions. Stanley Kubrick’s work of art, this film requests a great deal from its watcher due to its sluggish speed, making itself tiring now and time, yet remunerating who viewer’s its finish.

Directed by : tanley Kubrick

IMDb Rating : 8.3/10


 I Love You, I Love You (1968)

10 Best Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

A man fills in as a guinea pig for an abnormal logical analysis that mixes the personality of time. Be that as it may, something turns out wrong, leaving the individual caught in their own previous recollections.

‘I Love You, I Love You’ is intense in its theme, studying the vaporous character of life, just as the main parts that our reality gets it.

Directed by : Alain Resnais

IMDb Rating : 7.2/10


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