The Best 7 Scariest Movies Ever, According to Me


I do. Horror is my favorite genre, actually, although it’s important to note here that I like “scary” rather than “bloody,” which means my list of the scariest movies of all time will be … probably not that scary for some of you. Consider yourself warned. (But then, like all good horror movies, read on anyway, because as soon as someone tells you NOT to do something, you know you have to do it.

Ideally in the middle of the night, with only a flickering torch for companionship, and maybe a dog that we all know will be killed at some point. more than when one of the human characters is dramatically beheaded with an ax? So many questions …)


Insidious (2010)

I’ve written about this before (in a post which I just realized this second starts off almost exactly the same as this one: oops!), But Insidious scared me to the point where I literally couldn’t not sleeping.

Or take a shower, for that matter, because we all know that when someone takes a bath or a shower in a horror movie (always in one of those old-fashioned clawfoot tubs, with a curtain circular shower around), they’ll probably die.

I’m not going to say too much about the storylines of any of these movies, because I don’t want to say too much, but this is basically your classic ‘haunted house’ tale, which is my favorite genre, because that you can actually imagine happening to you.


Paranormal Activity (2007)

Another haunted house movie, this one of the “found images” variety (Note: “found images” movies are some of the scariest movies, as far as I’m concerned, because like haunted houses they are. TOTALLY REAL): A couple start to notice strange things happening in their house, so they set up cameras in an attempt to see what is going on.

Then they wish they hadn’t, because OMGSOSCARY. Besides, it could so easily happen to any of us. And it probably will be.


Dark Water (2002) 

Dark Water is another movie with an American remake of a Japanese original, but this time I have to agree that the original is a lot scarier. The theme of it? Scary little girls. Because little girls can be so scary, right? I wish I had known that when I was a little girl then I could have scared people away all the time. I think I did a good job anyway, so no regrets.

It’s one of those films where the setting plays a big park: dark, gloomy, wet… a bit like Scotland, I think about it now, but haunted. Oh, so haunted …


The Blair Witch Project (1999) 

The Blair Witch Project: Again, it’s scary because it’s TRUE. Well, not really (YES REALLY) obviously, but this is one of the first ‘found pictures’ movies: my friend and I saw it in a movie theater and agreed it was scary, sure, but definitely not one of the scariest movies of all time, say. Then we realized we were too scared to come home in the dark.


El Orfanato (2007)

So there’s this creepy old orphanage in the woods, right? And this young family decides that why, that would make the perfect family home, this creepy and creepy old run down mansion.

What happens is one of the kids starts talking to an invisible “friend”, and right away the family is like, “Oh shit, we’re obviously in a horror movie here, why? did we think? What is actually happening is … I’ll let you find out for yourselves. Don’t come running towards me when it’s 2am and you’re too scared to sleep: because I will be too …


Candyman (1992) 

My best friend and I rented Candyman one night when we were in college. At the time, we lived on the top floor of one of those old Edinburgh buildings that you KNOW has probably seen its fair share of Scary Stuff over the years.

Because we were absolute idiots, we watched the movie with the lights out and, well, quite a bit of wine. And then – as you do – we challenged ourselves to go into the dark bathroom and say “Candyman” three times in the mirror.

Even though I’m not REALLY as stupid as people think, and I know full well that movies aren’t real (Except Insidious, which is quite real, obviously…), To this day, I don’t know if she said “Candyman” three times in the mirror, or if she was just cheering me up.


The Birds (1963) 

Well, you can’t make a list of the scariest movies of all time without a classic Hitchcock, can you? It was between The Birds and Psycho: they’re both good, but I mostly picked The Birds so I have an excuse to show you that Halloween costume again. And also because birds ARE really scary, aren’t they? Sharp beaks. Sharp claws.

The little protruding eyes. The fact that they are all secretly waiting for the right moment to gang up and take over the world, killing everyone in their path. Yes, there are LOTS of reasons to be afraid of birds, my friends, but I think that should be the main one, all things considered.

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