6 New Best Teen Shows To Watch On Netflix In July 2021

It looks like July is packed with releases on Netflix and other streaming services (xoxo Gossip Girl), so if you like high school hallways and the fresh smell of teenage spirit, this is the month to watch everything.
Here are the best teen shows coming to the Netflix platform this month and when they’ll be available for an immediate frenzy.

Generation 56k

They say you never forget your first love or stop to wonder if he was “the only one”. In this show, an Italian Netflix original, Daniel may be a hopeless romantic who makes a living from a dating app. While he thrives on helping people find their perfect match, his sexual love may be a complete mess until Daniel meets his old flame Matilda (Cristina Cappelli).
When these two in their thirties meet again years later, each of them tells their side of the story while revisiting their teenage memories of the 90s (the decade when the Internet changed everything!). This comedy has a tone close to modern love and mixes nostalgia with a mature outlook.

Release Date: July 1

Mortel (Season 2)

Mortel is a Netflix cancellation gone bad. The streaming platform had announced that the series would not be returning for another season earlier this year, but to our surprise they released the season 2 trailer and announced that it would arrive in July.
This is French horror / fantasy series follows three high school students: Sofiane, Victor and Luisa .
Their personalities may clash, but a supernatural force binds them together. As they try to harness their superpowers as a team, they also have to deal with the consequences of having them in the first place. If you liked Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you might be interested in this series.

Release Date: July 2

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We the people

Coming out of a year filled with protests and activism, We the People is a Netflix animated series that compiles all the heavy topics into short episodes with plenty of insight. Filled with Hollywood stars (there’s H.E.R, Adam Lambert and more), the show is aimed at the younger generation, entering a world of decision-making and good citizenship. From the trailer, We the People looks a bit like the 1970s animated series called Schoolhouse Rock! in the sense that it aims to educate people through music and animation.

Release Date: July 4

Atypical (Season 4)

It’s time to say goodbye to a heartwarming Netflix Original! The Atypical Season 4 is coming out this month and like every ending we should probably expect a few tears streaming down our cheeks. This series centers on Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old with the autism spectrum during his high school years.
He immediately decides that it is the right time to find girlfriend and determined to succeed in his conquest.
As Sam tries to hunt true love and independence, each member of his family is affected in a method or another. Atypical brings a unique perspective to the coming-of-age genre by exploring what it means to live on the autism spectrum, and while that perspective will be missed, we hope the final episodes are the sweet and heartfelt sending that ‘he deserves.

Release Date: July 9


Never have I ever (season 2)

This show was a breath of fresh air during the hectic year of 2020. Despite its simplistic narrative, it presents the on-screen representation in a very light but moving way. Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is an American teenage girl, who grows up torn by her ties to her Indian heritage.
Other than that, she’s determined to be popular in her freshman year of high school and date her ultimate crush, Paxton (Darren Barnet).
From what we can tell, the next season will feature Devi in the midst of a love triangle between Paxton and his nemesis Ben (Jaren Lewison), while also providing the light laughs and touching moments of passing through. adulthood that audiences loved in Season 1.

Release Date: July 15

Outer Banks (season 2)

Outer Banks is another teenage show that became one of Netflix’s Top 10 Instant Hits last year. Set in North Carolina (One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek are living proof that this is the best place for a teen series), a group of teenagers from Pogue try to uncover the mystery behind the father. disappeared from their leader.
When John B. (Chase Stokes) and his companions follow clues into the rabbit hole, they find a map of hidden treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. Season 2 will be released later this month, which means there will be more romance in the air, friendship struggles and social class conflicts – and of course, plenty of mystery and adventure. treasure hunt.

Release Date: July 24


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