Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch

I still hear my dad ask the question as the opening credits roll on The Sandlot for probably the fifth time that summer.

I loved movies when I was a kid. They were the ultimate escape from the sleepy little seaside town where I grew up. And growing up in the ’90s, new movies were of course harder to find than they are in today’s “oh-my-god-give-me-now” streaming world. So you really appreciate them when you put your grubby little hands on them.

These are 12 must-see movies for men grouped into categories. Each category has a particular theme that concerns men (some are stereotypical, but it comes with the territory).


1) The Shining

“This is Johnny!” is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic lines of cinema.
This classic is a lavishly crafted, painstakingly shot psychological horror that deals with a young family, isolated in a haunted hotel trying to get them. For any dad who ever felt like he was going a little crazy.


2) The Road

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch

Viggo Mortensen tries to guide his son in a post-apocalyptic world imagined by Cormac McCarthy.
As the duo face deadly enemies, the real villain of the play is the dark and oppressive atmosphere of this new land. The only ray of hope is the love a father has for his child.


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3) Big Fish

A man has spent his entire life hearing his father tell great stories.
Through flashbacks featuring Ewan McGregor, we witness his fantastic life. A touching film about a son’s attempt to reconnect with his father when they both accept each other.

4) Leon: The Professional

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch

so technically Jean Reno is not Natalie Portman’s father, but support us.
This unpretentious hitman, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or the right place, at the right time) certainly takes on a role as a father figure for Matilda after seeing her family slaughtered. Responsibility strikes. Literally.

5) Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones’ second best film takes on the family as Indi himself takes on the Nazis from the windows.
Follow Indi with his troublesome and intrusive father Sean Connery as they hunt for the Holy Grail.

6) The Wolf Of Wall Street

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch
No one makes more money by being handsome like Leonardo Di Caprio.
While he’s proven to be a shamelessly rich guy before (The Great Gatsby, Catch Me If You Can), this is a standout role that explores greed and excessive wealth, as well as all the corruption. and the good times it brings.


7) The Big Short

Star-studded example from a smart money movie.
Half-comedy, half-drama, The Big Short tells the story of the 2008 financial crisis and the men behind it.

8) Lord Of War

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch

I’m not a big Nicolas Cage but it’s one of his best movies. Here, Cage plays a gunrunner who goes from smuggling a single Uzi to the Mafia to shipping ex-Soviet tanks around the world between lying in his mansion with his trophy wife.
He leads a double, even triple life, eluding Interpol agent Ethan Hawke. An edifying tale with a satirical inclination. Cool as ever.

9) Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Arguably the most surprising success of 2017, Hunt For The Wilder People is about Ricky, a foster child who will be living in a new place in New Zealand.

Sam Neil plays the cranky father who must protect and be protected by Ricky as they chat in the woods. A slow start, this movie is going absolutely crazy in the best possible way.

10) Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle’s director smash with standout performances and ending with a Bollywood dance.
Even though you find it a bit soft around the edges, the message is neat. A story of love and fortune with which any man can identify.

11) Catch Me If You Can

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch

A biography on the career of crook Frank Abagnale, played by Leonardo Dicaprio.
He and Tom Hanks’ FBI agent have been playing cat and mouse over the years as Abagnale lives off multiple identities and forges checks.

12) American Hustle

Best 12 Movies For Man Every Man Should Watch
This film is so full of stars that they sometimes threaten to overtake the plot.

Luckily everyone has such a great time in this movie about a couple of scammers. Their antics take them in and out of sticky situations with fake sheikhs, FBI agents and, at one point, the Mafia.


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