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A model turned actor, Akshay Kumar is that the illustration outsider WHO created it huge within the business exclusively through his virtues of labor, discipline, dedication and perseverance. With neither any remote association with a movie family nor in tow of any godfather, Akshay has the covetous distinction of being a successful man.

One among the busiest and bankable stars, he has step by step climbed up the ladder to cement a firm spot among the numero uno. Akshay’s hard-earned distinction deserves a toast as a result of he achieved it despite being neglected by listing administrators for the longest time.


Hera Pheri (2000)

The gullible Baburao Ganpatrao Apte forms AN unlikely team with chiseler Raju and improver Shyam, his tenants. Raju and Shyam square measure perpetually hostile, given the devious crafty of 1 and also the quality of the opposite. however Baburao is irritated the foremost by the queer wrong variety calls his Star Garage receives, as well as from an explicit Kabira seeking the king Deviprasad.

Taking advantage of this, and also the unintelligent Baburao and Shyam, Raju stages a ransom and rescue. Chaos ensues once a debt goes unpaid, a friend is betrayed, and trust is broken.

The worn-down trio finds itself running from the city’s Scheol to the tallest skyscrapers, hunted person by proverbial and unknown forces. can the comic adventures of the 3 ‘heroes’ finish in success, or can they only awaken a lot of trouble?

Rating :- 8.2/10 IMDb


Bool bhuliyya (2007) 

The only remake that came quite getting ready to the South Dravidian original “Manichitrathazhu”. though Akshay had a reference – Mohanlal’s good Dr. Sunny Joseph, the man of science – he infused his characteristic attractiveness and impetuousness to the Hindi counterpart Dr. Aditya Srivastava and created it as recent as a condensation drop whereas being faithful its supply material.

Filling in Mohanlal’s shoes is associate act of crushing responsibility however Akshay maintained his self underneath the load and delivered a performance that has Brobdingnagian repeat price. The approach during which individuals waited for Mohanlal’s entry into the theme of things and went berserk once his initial glimpse, Akshay’s delayed entry too created the audience desperate in a very similar manner.

However real was his portrayal of a man of science will be simply noted through conversations with our friends from down south United Nations agency endorse the actual fact that amongst many remakes, Akshay’s revenge was the sole one that might replicate that magic on screen.

Rating :- 7.3/10 IMDb


Aitraaz (2004) 

Based on Barry Levinson’s ‘Disclosure’, Aitraaz threw a daring, chartless challenge towards Akshay – to play a victim of molestation beneath company culture. The director pair had picked up a sensational subject; what remained to be seen was that whether or not the film’s content enhances the subject or is it a half-hearted try for fast usd.

To everyone’s surprise, Aitraaz clad to be a marvellous concoction with the weather of a heroic tale, porno and room drama deftly intermingled into it. Priyanka compete AN insatiate seductress and bulging the bulk of limelight related to the film; as a results of that Akshay’s half went unobserved. But, it absolutely was his performance too that created the film what it’s. to not mention Annu Kapoor and Paresh Rawal as lawyers UN agency hit it outta the ballpark.

Despite obtaining discharged on identical day because the work of art Veer-Zaara, Aitraaz found its audience and was declared a megahit.

Rating :- 6.6/10 IMDb


Special 26 (2013 ) 

 A heist adventure story from Neeraj Pandey, the director of Baby and A Wed. Set within the ’70s, Kumar plays Associate in Nursing aspiring functionary. when failing to clear the doorway communicating, Kumar decides to use his smarts to focus on politicians and businessmen United Nations agency hide unregistered and nontaxable cash among their homes.

Move as Associate in Nursing tax officer, Kumar and his team raid made homes and cart off the black cash, with the homeowners too petrified of obtaining caught to report the refer the police.

Rating :- 8/10 IMDb


Namstey London (2007)

‘associate degreed measured’ – an acceptable phrase for his performance in Namastey London. A refreshing film that incontestible that romance as a genre forever presents itself with a chance to explore; all you must have is a fascinating plan price fleshing out. Akshay as Arjun Ballu Singh instantly became the home favorite.

As a person World Health Organization gets tricked into wedding by a sensible London woman, Akshay vie a personality that has already been done to death in Hindi Cinema – victim of unanswered love. Despite the character’s limitation, Akshay dealt it with slightly of innocent inexorableness and saved it from changing into downright intrusive.

His patient game to acquire his love while not undermining his self-esteem smitten associate degree emotional chord with the audience and therefore the film went on to become a large success in domestic yet as overseas market.

Rating :- 7.1/10 IMDb


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Jolly LLB 2 (2014) 

Rumours were rife that Arshad Warsi was replaced from the sequel to Jolly Bachelor of Laws because the production house insisted on having a additional bankable star for the lead role.

Akshay positive is that the star to place your bets on. however Warsi’s exclusion was thus maddening that I created the error of presuming that the sequel would be nothing compared to the first which Akshay won’t be able to match up to what Arshad Warsi had already through with Jolly. i’m glad i used to be wrong.

Jolly LLB2 evidenced to be a extremely diverting film and did the franchise proud. Akshay vie Jagdishwar Mishra a.k.a Jolly from Lucknow World Health Organization has brains however isn’t obtaining the breakthrough he wants. to steer up the ladder among no time, he exploits his helpless consumer while not batting Associate in Nursing lid.

Disaster strikes and realisation happens. Rest is Associate in Nursing diverting court drama of however he exacts justice for his consumer despite the percentages stacked heavily against him.

Akshay was Associate in Nursing integral cog during a wheel that was already illustrious with craftsmen and theatre stalwarts like Annu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla.

Rating : 7.2/10 IMDb


Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004)

Akshay’s “Wicked-Sunny” is that the catalyst during this film. ill-natured however innocent Sameer falls for associate degree aspiring designer and makes all potential tries to woo her.

In comes Sunny – associate degree absolute favorite bastard World Health Organization swears to foil Sameer’s every and each move even before he makes it. Akshay’s humour and badassery during this film ar immaculate.

Directed by David Dhawan, this was a pleasant departure from his earlier set of films in terms of favor and staging. Shirish Kunder’s stint as associate degree editor on this film stokes a suspicion whether or not he was simply associate degree editor.

Speculations aside, MSK is amongst those films whose jokes and things still amuse and as way as “Wicked-Sunny” is bothered, it remains one in every of the highlights of Akshay’s career.

Rating:- 6.7/10 IMDb


Ajnabee (2001) 

Inarguably, the sole smart issue regarding Ajnabee is Akshay’s flip as a villain in it. Ajnabee was associate degree unofficial remake of Alan J Pakula’s 1992 film ‘Consenting Adults’. The director couple of Abbas-Mustan has created their career out of unofficial remakes and inspirations and Ajnabee was one amongst those.

Revolving around associate degree unresolved murder with adult female swapping within the background, Ajnabee was a suspenseful heroic tale even supposing it had some unmemorable performances by remainder of the forged members. Akshay was sleek, hardline and conniving as Vikram WHO concocts a impressive labyrinth for financial gains.

In one amongst the chase scenes on the ship, he comes across as a possessed individual with associate degree axe in hand, intent on claim Priya’s (Kareena) life.

The infantile “Everything-is-planned” collapse all the same, Ajnabee was associate degree amusing heroic tale that let Akshay showcase the undiscovered dimension and created him win many awards for “Best Actor during a Negative Role”.

Rating :- 6.7/10 IMDb

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