8 Best Thriller Show’s On Netflix To Watch

Thrillers are, overall, some of the most popular shows in the world. After all, who doesn’t love the delicious suspense, the heart-wrenching fear of what will happen next, and the wonderful feeling of a surprise twist you never saw coming? No wonder Netflix has so many great thrillers in its lineup.

Even if you have a list of interesting shows that you think you enjoy watching, there is always the excruciating indecision that everyone goes through before choosing their thriller.

You need something that matches your mood or something that you can watch with others. And even when you’ve vaguely decided what kind of show you’re dreaming of, there’s still a ton of great content to sift through.



This Icelandic series is a newcomer to Netflix but is already proving to be one of the most popular thriller shows on the streaming service. In real life, Katla is the name of an active volcano in southern Iceland that had its last major eruption around a hundred years ago.

The show takes place in a town called Vik near this actual volcano and resumes a year after the volcano erupted heavily.

Ravaged by floods and ash clouds caused by the volcano, the city is almost deserted. And when a lost, ash-covered woman arrives in town, it’s the first in a series of bizarre events that hit what remains of the community.

And while all of this is happening, a Reykjavik volcanologist is struggling to understand the bizarre data coming from the volcano, which could be a sign of worse things to come.



When you reduce her to bare bones, this Canada-US series uses a proven premise: time travelers trying to prevent a dystopian future. But Travelers takes that basic concept and turns it into something brilliantly unique.

The show follows a group of people hundreds of years into the future whose spirits are sent back in time to possess the bodies of people in our present.

These “travelers” work in secrecy using social media records and what they know of history to accomplish missions they hope will save humanity from its dire future.

Travelers ran for three seasons until it was canceled in 2019 and each of those seasons received great reviews from critics and fans alike.



When it comes to mind-boggling sci-fi thrillers that shock your very understanding of the universe, Netflix’s first German original series Dark is one of the best things you’ll find on the streaming service.

The series is a must-have for viewers who enjoy intricate storylines involving intricate science and twisted interpersonal relationships in equal measure.

Set in a town called Winden, Dark is a multigenerational mystery that spans different time periods and uses a number of classic sci-fi concepts.

It’s an intense psychological drama that deals with four families and the otherworldly conflicts that tear them apart.



This award-winning series delves into the underworld of a city in Missouri and explores the intense dramatic incidents unleashed by the series’ main characters. Jason Bateman stars as Martin “Marty” Byrde, a financial advisor who gets involved in a Mexican drug cartel and finds himself over his head.

Laura Linney plays Marty’s wife, Wendy, who faces the consequences of her husband’s desperate decisions.

With three critically-acclaimed seasons on Netflix and a fourth and final on the way, Ozark has plenty to supply its legions of fans, old and new.


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Whenever someone starts talking about the best shows on Netflix, it’s inevitable that they’ll bring up Narcos. This very influential criminal story is the story of drug trafficking in Colombia and the DEA agents who tried to shut it down.

It is a story of conspiracy and betrayal, crime and punishment. But above all, Narcos is the story of Pablo Escobar, the billionaire king of cocaine.

The plot of Narcos was inspired by real events and that makes it even more exciting. With solid acting, a brilliantly scripted plot, and hauntingly beautiful music, Narcos may be a Netflix show every thriller fan should watch a minimum of once.


Money Heist

One of Netflix’s most popular crime thrillers, Money Heist (or La Casa de Papel as it’s known in Spanish) is a high-tension heist series with powerful emotional rhythms and complex strategies. It’s such a well-written show that you can’t help but fall in love with even the most obnoxious characters.

Since its initial release in 2017, Money Heist has grown into a phenomenon, inspiring a massive response from audiences around the world. The humor and dramatic tension of the show is counterbalanced by social and political criticisms that really touched people around the world.

Money Heist is by far one of the most successful shows Netflix has ever brought to the screens and every episode is sure to leave you hungry.


The Innocent

One of Netflix’s newest Spanish-language thrillers, The Innocent is based on a novel of the same name by mysterious writer Harlan Coben. It’s a slow-burning show that keeps audiences hooked through intriguing reveals and well-timed twists and turns.

The mini-series spans nine years, starting with the accidental murder of a man. These days the killer tries to move on and build a life with his wife when the past catches up with him.

Since its release in April 2021, The Innocent has received a lot of praise from viewers and is a staple for fans of the thriller genre.



Marcella is an intense drama that is half detective series, half thriller. First broadcast on ITV and distributed worldwide by Netflix, Marcella follows the adventures of a London detective who returns to work to investigate a serial killer who first struck 11 years ago.

Suffering from serious mental health issues, Marcella Backland (Anna Friel) juggles her work as an investigator with her increasingly difficult family life. The show has a rather somber black feel and captivates audiences with its tangled plot and twisted characters.

Marcella herself is a very complex woman and her story is as gripping as it is heartbreaking.

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