8 Best Movies About The Wild Way of Youth To Watch

Exploring the intricacies of youth. has always been a long-standing trend in the history of cinema. However, films that hunt down this theme but, at an equivalent time. attempt to show possible exaggerations. and erratic actions of the time are a more select niche.

Here we attempt to bring what’s best within the films about the exaggerations of youth. remembering that the films below alternate between positive and negative view of the planet. Let’s go to the list!


1) Christiane F. (1981)

Gathering its plot in the 1970s in Berlin. the film breaks the adolescence of a young middle-class woman, showing the girl’s fall into the world of drugs. Annoying and necessary. this work conveys to the viewer the forms that determine. the position of the youth that ends up following. working on how destructive certain stimuli of the world can be for the individual.


2) Trainspotting (1996)

We will enter a scene of exaggeration and drugs of some young people. analyzing the forms of these individuals who complete their relationship with the world. “Trainspotting”, embracing itself at a frantic pace, manages to explain to the viewer. the excesses of a naughty youth without. however, being noted as a heavy task.


3) Bully (2001)

Shocking in all its ways. The film shows the destructive behavior of some young people in the midst of everyday work. As for Larry Clark’s bold film. Bully is regular in its aesthetic fullness, but extremely accurate in its screenplay investments in thematic youth.


4) The 400 Blows (1959)

The path of a young man. Who is about to enter adolescence is disturbed by the masterpiece of Fran├žois Truffaut. “The 400 Blows” offers many of the intricacies that are common to this period of human life. Expressing the aura of doubt and discovery that involves the phase.


5) Young and Beautiful (2013)

After losing her virginity, a young woman begins a career as a harlot. However, the consequences of this decision will affect your whole life and family. A recent pearl of French cinema. “Young and Beautiful” has a concise history, working every meander in the lives of its main characters in a powerful way. providing the viewer with a wonderful film.


6) Life is Sweet (1990)

We will research the life of a middle class family in London. Understanding more about how its members work in the world. “Life is Sweet” is a film that spans the entire family equipment. Providing a bold Commentator of how we build our social relationships. However, the film falls on this list in the way one of the teenagers. In the family formalizes their daily life with exaggerations and destructive compulsions.


7) Rushmore (1998)

An inappropriate teenager tries to reconcile his hectic student life with his private life. Wes Anderson’s “Rushmore” highlights an upbeat air for the youth collection. With a flawless script, the director’s traditional mastery. Beautiful cinematography and irreplaceable performances.


8) After Lucia (2012)

After moving to a new city with her father. A teenage girl will start a deteriorating routine with her classmates at her school. The embarrassing thing is “After Lucia” is a movie. That parents need and shows how dangerous it is to emotionally withdraw from their children’s lives. The film also explains the irregular way a youth manages their almost destructive daily life.


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