5 Best Movies On Netflix You Haven’t seen To Watch


Lookingfor something awesome to watch this weekend? Well, because Netflix always streams great content to viewers, the trick is to pick the right thing.

Popular movies make all the headlines and everyone has opinions about them, but not everyone will be familiar with the following movies. Believe me, they are all worth seeing.


1) Queen of Earth (2015)

Queen of Earth is additionally owned by Moss and Katherine Waterston.

The two talented young actresses play best friends Catherine and Virginia, who reunite at Ginny’s Lake house after Catherine breaks up together with her longtime boyfriend.

The film looks at the connection while recalling the past home moments that inherit play. Slowly Catherine begins to point out signs of madness, and Virginia, adoring and helpful initially , slowly realizes that the past is over and their friendship.

Will never be an equivalent again. Anyone who knows Perry will recognize the author / director’s intimate filming style and fantastic dialogue. he’s one among the brightest young filmmakers working today.


2) Phoenix (2015)

Phoenix appeared on more Top 10 Critics lists in 2015 than movies like The Revenant, Creed, and even Star Wars – The Force Awakens. It’s a dark and intense film of incredible emotional depth filled with characters with questionable motives. Set in Berlin, a city of rubble after WWII, Nelly Lenz survived the Holocaust but not without a distort face.

A friend helps her visit a plastic surgeon who can’t seem to make her look like she used to do. Nelly is crushed but she goes in search of her lost husband, Johnny.

Soon, he calls on her for help in impersonating his missing wife – that is, herself – so that she can reclaim her family’s important legacy that they will share. As the story unfolds, it becomes more difficult to predict and these two actors become more fascinating as they walk along lines of truth.

It plays to some of the same themes as Vertigo, possibly the best movie ever made.


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Sing Street (2016)

The story of a posh teenager who moves to the city’s bad school has the usual pitfalls: clumsiness, bullying, and difficulty making friends. But Sing Street tops off his cliché intro with a heartfelt story about a kid setting up a band to get the girl.

The film reaches new heights when the group turns out to be really good. Set in the ’80s and featuring an album of catchy pop songs, this is one of the best romances of the year. And the end changes.


Best of Enemies (2015)

This documentary on the 1968 televised debates between intellectual and author Gore Vidal and conservative expert and National Review editor William F. Buckley Jr. is a mesmerizing film on many levels.

First, it tells the inner story of the debates between two intellectual powers who positively hated each other. And second, it tells the story of the origin of today’s talkative and opinion-based news broadcasts. But the important thrill is when Buckley snapped up and threatened Vidal live after the latter called him a “crypto-Nazi.

” You will see how two enemies have shaped each other and how they have affected each other’s careers and personal lives.


Finders Keepers (2015)

This 2015 documentary was beloved by critics who appreciate all that is bizarre. It’s a silver-tongued auction hunter who wins a charcoal barbecue to discover an amputated human leg inside.

Yeah. How is that sufficient for a movie? Well, the owner of the leg, an amputee, has been looking for it and wants it back. But the buyer will not give it up.

He charges the locals a few dollars per pop to see it and is generally one of the least moral, money-hungry, unintentionally hilarious dudes you’ll ever see.

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