10 Best Great Monster Movies To Watch

We have selected some best monster movies that you should know. Here we try to bring you the best of this so explored and fascinating sub-genre of the seventh art.

The monsters approached by the films below include not only creatures from other worlds or appearing out of nowhere in their gigantic forms, but also these abnormally proportioned animals that terrorize small towns and their inhabitants.

1) The Host (2006)

Here you might find the best monster movie ever made. The Host ‘uses its 120 minutes to bring the viewer everything possible in the genro. We’ll have action, drama, moments of humor that come naturally to the screen, a storyline that doesn’t sin by exaggeration, and impeccable staging from one of today’s best directors.

2) Predator (1987)

A group of mercenaries on a mission in South America suddenly find themselves trapped by a wierd and deadly alien creature. Flirting with the horror genre, ‘Predator’ even achieves its success in creating unique atmospheres and its ever-dynamic rhythm. First and best film in the ‘Predator’ saga at the cinema.

3) Critters (1986)

A small, quiet town is the target of deadly aliens who are starting to claim several victims around the site. Now it’ll be a lazy sheriff and a little boy to save the people of this town. “Critters” is a pearl of the 1980s, using that unique blend of terror and comedy, common at the time, to bring in the many incredible elements of the story.

4) Species (1995)

Scientists are trying to find an alien who has assumed the identity of a gorgeous lass to avoid the extinction of her species. A hit of the 1990s, ‘Species’ gained mainstream attention for its sci-fi sci-fi load of terror and for its handsome alien protagonist, played by actress Natasha Henstridge as the role of her life. A film that may have aged a bit in its effects and plot, but still worth watching.

5) Tremors (1990)

Representing the late home cinema, ‘Tremors’ (along with its sequences) invaded our afternoons in the 1990s. The film tells the story of underground creatures who begin to terrorize a small isolated town, favoring the dead of all corners.

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6) A Quiet Place (2018)

In a post-apocalyptic world in which human beings are forced to live in hiding from sound-chasing creatures, a family struggles for survival, faced with the most diverse problems. A good option, “A Quiet Place” works with a dark plot steeped in twists and turns, uplifting incredible scenes and intermittent suspense.


7) Jaws (1975)

Tasked with building on Steven Spielberg’s career in the midst of the seventh art, ‘Jaws’ brings into its plot the story of a white shark of unnatural proportions that begins to terrorize a beach, attacking its visitors stumped .

The film will win. momentum when some individuals, led by the efforts of the local sheriff, decide to try to stop the shark from continuing to plague the beach. Suspenseful initially , working to completely capture the eye of its viewer, the film continues to impress with its extreme quality to the present day.

8) Lake Placid (1999)

A giant crocodile terrorizes a lake in a small town in Maine, forcing experts to travel to a once peaceful location in an attempt to contain the creature. Part of this wave of monstrous animal films from the 1990s, “Lake Placid” amused by its unpretentiousness, rightly mixing suspense and comedy. Good option in the sub-genre.

9) Godzilla (2014)

A gigantic monster appears out of nowhere and threatens the future of all mankind. Godzilla ‘leaves aside any possible mystery and terror of past versions and positions itself alongside some frantic action. A film without much history there, but which makes up for it by gigantic scenes and, of course, the emblematic figure of the monster in question.

10) Cloverfield (2008)

New York becomes the target of strange destructive events of aliens on a standard day. We will follow the journey of some young witnesses of all this in their attempts to find out what it is and, also, to survive. Cloverfield surprises and delivers to his audience 85 minutes of an overwhelming intrigue. One of the best monsters and tragedies movies ever made.

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