10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

We have added films to this list that challenge the minds of the public, with complex themes that often have to be watched over and over again until fully understood. They are works of different genres, like terror, sci-fi, drama, and suspense, always exhibiting stories that never choose to use common resources. Let’s go to the list!

Nostalgia (1983)

In the plot, a Russian poet travels to Italy with his interpreter to research the life of a composer, discovering more about his own existence on the spot.

‘Nostalgia’ uses the aesthetic rigor characteristic of Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema to tell its enigmatic story. A true masterpiece that demands a lot from your viewer.

Directed by : Andrei Tarkovsky
IMDb Rating : 8.1/10

Mulholland Dr. (2001)

After a car accident, a woman survives and suffers from amnesia, seeking refuge with an actress. Together, the two will seek information about the accident and the life of the person with amnesia, getting into a tangle of unpleasant situations.

David Lynch’s masterpiece ‘Mulholland Dr.’ requires several and more exhibitions until the viewer understands part of its plot. A film which delights in the same proportion as it scares.

Directed by : David Lynch
IMDb Rating : 7.9/10

Donnie Darko (2001)

10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

A teenager suffers from constant visions of a creature that gives him destructive coordinates about his existence in the world, leaving him unable to distinguish reality from hallucinations.

“Donnie Darko” uses a dark atmosphere to punctuate the collection of scenes and its story, making it a great choice for those who want a stimulating film.

Directed by : Richard Kelly
IMDb Rating : 8/10

The Turin Horse (2011)

10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

In the middle of the end of the 19th century, the plot takes shape telling the story of a father and his daughter who live completely isolated from the social environment, showing the always repetitive daily life of these people.

Enhancing Nietzsche’s “Eternal Return” philosophy in every spectrum of scenes, “The Turin Horse” is a film about the basics of life. An aesthetically formidable work, with good performances, an intelligent script and a powerful and unique soundtrack.

Directed by : Béla TarrÁgnes Hranitzky
IMDb Rating : 7.8/10

Coherence (2013)

A group of friends meet for an ordinary dinner. However, strange events are starting to happen to the people wrapped up in this house, leaving everyone confused and unsure if this is reality. “Coherence” is that film that you watch surprising yourself with each scene exposed.

Its plot is quite complicated, but not impossible to understand from its first performance. This fact makes the experience more pleasant for the viewer.

Directed by : James Ward Byrkit
IMDb Rating : 7.2/10

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Arrival (2016)

10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

After several alien ships have landed on earth in various parts of the globe, a linguist is hired to try to unravel the secrets of this ship which is in the United States. Gradually, she will realize that the motivations of the extraterrestrials were much more positive than they seemed. “Arrival” is a shocking film.

By being able to understand the nuances of the plot, we are brought to the finest of philosophical threads.

Directed by : Denis Villeneuve
IMDb Rating : 7.9/10

Pi (1998)

10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

An unfit mathematician tries to find the solution to a puzzle that he believes can change the universe. Sumptuous and confusing, ‘Pi’ delights in its aesthetic construction that works by disturbing the viewer, using a black and white style with several disturbing takes.

Directed by : Darren Aronofsky
IMDb Rating : 7.4/10

Eraserhead (1977)

We will follow from day to day a strange man exposed to the most diverse setbacks, such as a fight with neighbors, confusion with his girlfriend, etc. Disturbing, “Eraserhead” is quite simply the work that revealed David Lynch to the world.

Its almost incomprehensible plot steeped in dreamlike undertones is just a detail, what’s cool here is being able to see Lynch’s creative ability even on a small budget.

Directed by : David Lynch
IMDb Rating : 7.4/10

Inception (2010)

The plot is about stealing information from a large corporation with some sort of dream sharing, exposing multiple characters in this tangle of situations that aren’t always real.

Christopher Nolan’s film, “Inception,” is a film difficult for the viewer to comprehend in its first performance, captivating those who watch it by virtue of Nolan’s genius at capturing every scene.

Directed by : Christopher Nolan
IMDb Rating : 8.8/10

Enemy (2013)

10 Best Challenging Movies That Will Blow Your Mind To Watch

Wrapped in a melancholy and lonely routine, a man becomes completely obsessed with another person identical to the one he has met on the street. Now, the man will seek to know more about this individual, watching his life take dark contours thereafter.

“Enemy” chooses to give the viewer an atmosphere of mystery that dominates each scene, using a difficult but truly compelling storyline.

Directed by : Denis Villeneuve
IMDb Rating : 6.9/10

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